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Frequently asked questions

What are the consequences of receiving a penalty fare with regard to civil law?

Under civil law, a penalty fare is issued in the amount of EUR 60.00. If the passenger cannot produce an ID when the tickets are checked, an identification check with the state registry office is required. This results in an additional fee of EUR 5 payable by the passenger.

Passengers who use public transport without a valid ticket are guilty of fraudulent use of services under section 265a of the German penal code (StGB) (potential penalty: fine or imprisonment of up to one year). The criminal complaint is regularly combined with a demand for a penalty by the transport company, which may be applied in particular cases.

You can pay quickly and easily via this website. You will find all possibilities after entering your EBE number.

If you miss the payment deadline, you will receive a warning with an additional fine. If you fall into arrears we make you aware that the additional costs incurred will be charged to you.

The increased transportation charge is reduced to EUR 7.00 (except for the use of transferable season tickets) in the case of paragraph 1 number 3,
if the passenger provides evidence to the administration of the transport company - if necessary also online - within one week from the day of detection that he/she was the holder of a valid personal season ticket or equivalent travel authorization at the time of the determination.

If invalid season tickets are used, further claims of the transport company remain unaffected.

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